Company Tour at Amaris (24/11/2017)



VENUE: FLOOR 15, VIETTEL TOWER, 285 Cach Mang Thang Tam, District 10, HCMC

Time: 9:00 – 11:00, Friday 24/11/2017
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Welcome and Amaris presentation



Presentation of speakers (background and jobs) + Q&A time related to IT (please see the questions below, the idea is that speakers ask questions to the audience and so we can have real interaction together)




Explanation of the interaction between the different IT department in order to deliver a project


9:50 – 10:05

Each speaker (from different IT teams) would be seated in one corner of the room so students who are more interested in one position or want to ask more “private and more detailed” questions can directly interact with them.




Company trip: visit of all departments: Communication & Marketing/ HR/ Consulting/ General Services/ Rct/ IT… Each student can feel free to connect directly with professionals we would organize a time for students interested in our jobs/ internships so they can know more with Recruitment Team and the CFO of the company would be this day in Vietnam so maybe we’ll also have the chance to interact quickly with them.


Guest Speaker Profile

Tran Thi Khanh Ly – Senior Project Manager

Ly has been working in Amaris for 2 years. She started as an intern for Junior Project Manager position to manage service projects for the ERP of Amaris. She became PM after 6 months and Senior PM & Governance Porfolio Manager after 1 year. She is now managing and providing training for a team of 5 people and managing project visions to bring IT values and support the growth of General Services governance.

Tong Trong Nhan- Senior Developer

Nhan joined Amaris since 2016 as a Senior Developer. More than 1 yr in the team, he has evolved significantly in both technical and leadership skill. Apart from that, he is a proactive member of Vietnam Event Committee. Beside the experience developing IT product, he already had experience running a fashion business for 3 years and currently a founder of a non-profit project.

Huynh Phat- Help Desk Officer

Phat is Helpdesk Officer at Amaris, usually known by the name 911. He just joined Amaris since 2016 after graduating from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology – HUTECH. He has experiences in first level of support for ERP applications and also with troubleshoot for hardware issues. His main tasks including supporting internal user with IT troubles, beside he is a Point Of Contact (POC) for ERP services to gather feedbacks from users and report it to project teams.

Trinh Phung Quang – QC Officer

Quang joined Amaris for 2 years as a Junior Developer. He became Developer after 6 months and Application Owner after 1 year. While he was working with his application, he realized that the better quality of applications, the better he feels. Base on his aspiration, the Amaris transferred him to QC Dept. (Quality Control Department), which was established on June 2017. Now he is working as QC Officer, who will make sure the quality of application as better as they could before delivering it to clients. 

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